Meet Balticca

The brand arised from passion to nature

Balticca is a family-owned, Polish design company run by designer Michał Gryczka. In our atelier we ideate, design and carefully manufacture our fixtures by hand. We believe we can live better by being surrounded by fewer objects, but unique, beautiful and durable.


In 2021 “better” means “closer” to us — our families and friends. So in 2021 Balticca supports the idea of being close with the ones you love. We designed our pendant luminaires to serve you as campfires in this fast-pacing world. We want you to slow down, gather around the table, and talk long hours about journeys you’ve had together last summer.


Balticca luminaries are carefully handmade of 2 types of wood: American walnut or oak. Each Balticca lamp is unique but they all share one element: a wooden interior.


It is the natural wooden interior that gives our lamps their special character – it makes the light soft, warm and pleasant. We have also achieved this exceptional lighting experience by placing the light source very deep and using a high-quality light diffuser from a reputable Italian manufacturer.


In Balticca we believe that design is about capturing unforgettable moments. It is a great privilege for us to share our stories and express them through design and products. In our work, we are inspired by the world around us: art, nature, culture, our travels and stories told by our friends.